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Boolipan - Ghost & Tulips

Boolipan - Ghost & Tulips

Ghost & TulipsSpooky today, lovely tomorrow. I wanted to create a spooky ghost tool for Halloween, but then I didn‘t like the thought of this press only being used once or twice a year. I scribbled down some shapes and suddenly I came up with this brilliant design idea. :-) I created a special type of ghost that you simply turn around after halloween - and you get beautiful shapes for tulips, bellflowers, etc. This has the side effect that the ghosts are not kitschy, but rather clean and simple. This press comes with three different ghosts/flowers and has now become a tool for all seasons. The name was composed from the words "Boo!" (the sound made by original british ghosts) and "Tulipan", a poetical expression for tulip. Dimensions (HxWxD): Ghosts/tulips: 22x18x9 mm Overall size (without handle):: 24x85x30 mm Cavity for mandrel: 3 mm for mandrels up to 2,5 mm
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